1200 Seconds Meditation

Meditation as a technique for Stress Management

Posted on: February 25, 2010




A common man’s daily work schedule can be very hectic. In fact this daily work routine is a major source of stress for human beings. The environment in the office, bosses’, colleagues, difficult tasks can act as a major stress builder. Not only does this stress affect your personal and physical health but this can also have a serious negative impact on your career.


If you are aiming for a very good career then surely, you will have to do a lot of hard work. A long day’s work adds a lot of stress into people’s life. So without learning to manage stress, you won’t be able to keep up with the demands of your career.


Meditation is on of the best source of stress management. While the prolonged exposure to stress can cause many types of damage, meditation affects the body in exactly the opposite way stress does. It helps restore the body to a calm state and helps to repair itself from the damages caused from stress.


Meditation provides lot of benefits. It restores your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure to normal. It helps to reduce sweating, helps to use oxygen more efficiently. It helps to increase your immunization, and also strengthens your mind. People who meditate regularly can easily leave any type of bad habits like smoking, drinking etc.. The most important advantage of meditation as a stress management technique is that it is free and can be done anywhere and anytime.


The only con being that it is not easy for beginners to learn and that you need a little extra time for practicing it. But this cons can be easily eradicated since there are numerous books and techniques which teaches meditation that can be practiced easily and in very short time.


One such book using which you can learn meditation in avery less time is our very own “1200 Seconds Meditation” book.




Buy this “1200 Seconds Meditation” eBook – Please order by paying $99.99 via paypal to ssguru12@gmail.com for your eBoook Copy! and change your life forever.




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