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The Benefits of Reading an Ebook

Posted on: March 2, 2010

What is an ebook?

As the name signifies an ebook is a digitized i.e. electronic format of a book. An ebook can have numbered pages, graphics, table etc just like a printed book.

What are the advantages of reading an ebook?

1) Environment Friendly: By reading or buying an ebook you will be doing great help to the environment since no tree is needed to create an ebookunlike printed books.

2) When you buy an ebook, they are delivered almost instantaneously and you do not have to go to the bookstore or wait for a week (sometimes even months) for it to be delivered to your home.

3) Ebooks are portable so you can carry 1000’s of books in a flash drive, CD or laptop when you are traveling anywhere.

4) Ebooks are easier to read and information can be easily searched unlike in printed books where you will need to flip the pages.

5) Some ebooks come with lot of bonuses, which you cannot get with the published version.

6) Ebooks contain links to information and websites so that you can easily access more related information.

7) They take up a lot less space than a printed book and you will not need a bookshelf to keep an ebook

8 ) Many ebooks are interactive and contains audios, videos and flash which makes reading more appealing and entertaining.

9) It is possible to read ebooks anywhere nowadays due to the advancement in technology.

10) They cost much lesser than the printed format and there is also no extra shipping and packaging charges.

11) Ebooks can be easily printed when and where you want.

12) There are many free ebooks available on a lot of different topics and thus you will not need to buy anything if you find a free ebook.

13) Ebooks can be purchased and downloaded any time you want and anywhere you want. You will just need an Internet connection

14) It is easier to sell or distribute ebooks.

15) Audio ebooks help people with disabilities to study.

Nowadays a lot of people have adopted e-reading as the most preferred method of reading and ebooks as the most preferred format of books. Why not you too join the crowd?

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