1200 Seconds Meditation

My Lazy American Students

Posted on: July 11, 2011

Success is all about time management, and in a globalizing economy, Americans’ inability to stay focused and work hard could prove to be a serious problem. But My lazy American students don’t lose hope.

Comparing American Students With Those in China and India proves that the students in India and China have high concentration levels.

American students can improve and make their concentration level higher, so that they can put more emphasis on math and science education and make the United States competitive in a global economy. It is only possible if they learn meditation. It helps American students gain concentration and score high in education.

We have come up with a new technique of “1200 Seconds(20 mins) Meditation”. This is a very easy meditation technique which takes quite less time and is highly effective. We have put this easy technique down in the “1200 Seconds Meditation ” eBook.

Order Now  “1200 Seconds Meditation” eBook – Please order by paying $99.99 via paypal to ssguru12@gmail.com for your eBook Copy! and change your life forever.  

                                                         That’s it!!


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